School Based Support

The LEADAS (Lead Amaroo School) program is run for students at the local Amaroo Public School in the ACT.  The program is devised to harness the strengths of teamwork and leadership through fitness, sport and positive role modelling.  Students are involved in extensive fitness work as both an individual and as part of a team, where they are given opportunities to show leadership within the group as well as within the wider school community; while also being held to a high standard of behaviour across the program. 

In addition, students provide services to the school and wider community as part of developing their social conscience and their own personal growth.  This program has been well supported by Capital Fibreglass Pools from a practical ‘cash in hand’ point of view, which not only sees the initiative as a great way to provide future leaders in the local community, but also an ideal way to align its brand with a similar vision and core values.  Both the program and the business look to be leaders in their field, while developing the people around them as they strive for excellence. 

Supporting Local Women’s Sport

Capital Fibreglass Pools has also helped individuals who demonstrate commitment and personal excellence in their field.  To this end, the owner Simon Gainey has taken on player sponsorship of local Women’s U18 AFL player Britt Tully, and Women’s player Rhylee Taylor playing for the Gungahlin Jets.

Through the help and support of the personal sponsorship, Britt has been able to use the Capital Fibreglass Pools’ support to attain her goal of being drafted into the National Women’s AFL competition; a very proud moment for all involved in her journey.  While the sponsorship and support to Rhylee allows the Jets to attract an outstanding female role-model and leader to the club.

The relationship with the Gungahlin Jets has also resulted in Capital Fibreglass Pools installing several pools for families directly involved with in the club, including Evans, Hohnke, White & Cossins.