Production Processes

Let us guide you through the production process of a fibreglass pool:
1. Mould preparation: The mould is cleaned to ensure it is in perfect condition. Seven coats of hi-tech mould release are applied all over.
2. Gelcoat application: Three levels of Aqua Guard gelcoat shimmer finish are applied.
3. Epoxy vinyl ester applied: Waterproof membrane is applied which protects the pool from corrosion and chemical agents.
4. Fibreglass ‘Skins’: This provides the first impermeable layer of fibreglass with a mixture of glass and resin.
5. Reinforcing materials: Divincell sandwich of the core laminate, lift lugs, bond beam wire ties, and lock it all in with fibreglass layers.
6. Final fibreglass layers: The final coats are applied for total strength and a perfect external finish.
7. Removal from mould: The finished pool is released from mould to be inspected, trimmed and detailed.
8. Inspection and detailing: Ultrasonic thickness and hardness testing is completed before detailing and the final inspection.
9. Transport to you! Your pool is securely loaded and ready for delivery – anywhere throughout Australia.