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Life is busy enough these days without your home also being a place where it is hard to relax and unwind. Imagine creating your very own private oasis to simply laze around. Now imagine also using this same investment as a spectacular entertainment area for your family and friends. Your life and your home takes on a wonderful new dimension now that you have decided to get a pool.

Capital Fibreglass Pools only install Barrier Reef Pools. Why? Because in Barrier Reef Pools you are getting the power of years of extensive research, design, skill and experience. The quality of manufacturing, installation and service you receive with Capital FibreglassPools and Barrier Reef is second to none.  Barrier Reef Pools is the only swimming pool company in Australia certified to AS/NZS1838:1994 and proudly can display the Australian Standard 5 tick logo for their shells.

Simon and Zofia Gainey, owners and operators of Capital Fibreglass pools and spas in Canberra, are your sole points of contact from initial enquiry to post build customer service. Every step of the way these experienced industry professionals are with you, exceeding your expectations.

Canberra company named 2014 Fibreglass Pool Builder of the Year

Canberra company Capital Fibreglass Pools took home multiple awards at the 2014 SPASA Alliance Awards of Excellence over the weekend.



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