There are six phases to the installation process with Capital Fibreglass Pools and spas, Canberra.

1.   Obtain council approval: Capital Fibreglass Pools will submit a layout plan for you to obtain approval.

2.   Excavate, prepare and level the base: Capital Fibreglass Pools will make sure the hole is carefully excavated and the base is  perfectly levelled for the pool.

3.   Crane the pool into position: Your pool is lowered into position. Even tight and difficult access is not a problem for Capital Fibreglass Pools.

4.   Connect the plumbing: All plumbing is connected once the pool has been accurately positioned.

5.   Backfill, pour the bond beam, lay paving and surrounds: A concrete reinforced bond beam is poured around the pool to lock it firmly in place, and to provide a surface for laying the paver surrounds. The final paving, landscaping and fencing happen and then the pool is commissioned.

6.   Finish your pool, ready for your first swim! Congratulations on an excellent choice for you and your loved ones.