Buyers Guide


Must know Information


Buying a pool can be an overwhelming process. Capital Fibreglass Pools in Canberra would like to offer you the following guide to help you make wise decisions and enjoy the process of buying your pool or spa.


1. Warranties

If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is! Some pool companies offer a ‘lifetime’ or ‘never fade’ warranty. Don’t be fooled. Not all pool companies will give direct warranties. In fact many warranties are held by unknown sister companies which have little or no assets, proving them worthless. So… always, always, always make sure you know who is giving the warranty by asking for the name of the company who guarantees the product or the gel coat.

Another issue with warranties is their transferability. Ideally the warranty would be transferred to the new owner in the event of selling your home. The majority of pool companies don’t have transferable warranties. Pools purchased through Capital Fibreglass Pools backed by Barrier Reef Pools do have a transferable 25 year structural warranty. Just another confirmation that you are purchasing a pool manufactured to the highest standards.

Did you know that the pool coping (capping) is the most expensive part of the paving process when installing a pool? For this reason it can be expensive to replace. Many pool companies offer a mere 12 month guarantee on the first row, meaning that you may be up for expensive replacement paving in the not too distant future. Always ask about the coping guarantee when speaking with a pool or spa provider.


2. Professional credibility

All pool and spa companies will claim the superiority of their products and services, so how can you get the truth? A few well placed questions can make a difference. Ask the organisation for references that you can speak to directly. Don’t rely exclusively on written, audio or video testimonials. Ask the people how they were treated and if everything went to plan. Ask for a specific example of a time things were stressful during the installation phase and ask how the representatives handled it.

Another way to discover pool industry professionals is to visit your local pool shop and ask for their recommendations. Also ask for organisations you may be wise to avoid. Pool shop staff are always talking to pool owners and get to know who people are really happy with and which companies are serial offenders.

Asking friends, family and others in your network if they know anyone who has installed a pool can be helpful. You can often get an authentic opinion from people in your network. The key to establishing a company’s reputation is to research beyond their own marketing material and ask around.


3. Inclusions

Each pool or spa package will offer different inclusions which makes it difficult to compare apples with apples. Success is achieved in being able to establish which inclusions hold their true value such as pumps and filters. While ‘free’ upgrades sound enticing, they can overload the filter and not allow enough time for the water to be filtered properly. In fact, if the correct quality pump and filter is installed in the first place, the only reason to ever need to upgrade would be for power saving purposes.


4. Do quotes have hidden extras?

A completed pool or spa is a complex enterprise. There are many components that should be at least discussed, if not included, for  your installation. Each of the following should be considered in your quote. If not, you may be in for some not-so-pleasant surprises once the contract has been signed.

Because each job site is different and can encounter its own problems, excavation, bobcat and cranes would need to be discussed and an estimate given for their use.

Many organisations don’t want to scare potential customers away so they don’t introduce costs such as these until the work is underway. Capital Fibreglass Pools choose to be transparent with all customers, allowing them to assess their budget accordingly.


5. SPASA Membership – additional peace of mind

SPASA stands for the Swimming Pool and Spa Association of NSW and is a self regulated industry body. All members must abide by its rules, regulations and a strict code of ethics in all business dealings. Members such as Capital Fibreglass Pools in Canberra must be comprehensively assessed in experience, competence and professionalism; have all licences and insurances up to date; have an acceptable credit rating; provide the safeguard of a completion guarantee for all domestic pools; and use SPASA approved contracts. Capital Fibreglass Pools are also able to access technical training and education programs to ensure all staff operate with technical excellence.



Contact us today for any queries, a free quote and on site appraisal Let Capital Fibreglass Pools work with you in selecting the very best design to meet your special needs.